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*Ichigo’s Pov*

I finally left the park and was lying on my bed, trying to rest before later tonight. The note cards won’t leave my head though. Who wrote them? With no dates or name on the card it was hard to tell who in my class could have done it.
My eyelids finally became heavy and before I knew it I was dreaming. It’s different from the one I've been having lately.
A blurred little girl was laughing beside me. She ruffled my hair and laughed as I swatted her hand away.

“Oh come on, Carrot Top. Don’t tell me you’re worried about your hair.”

“Don’t call me that.” She pouted, tears forming in her eyes. “Hey! Don’t cry! You can keep calling me Carrot Top!” As soon as the words left my mouth, her face showed joy and mischief.

“Hey! You tricked me!” Completely ignoring me, she walked over to the tree and sat down. I quickly ran over. “You gonna apolo...”

“I’m leaving soon, Ichigo.” She never calls me Ichigo...
“Well you have to leave sometime.”

“No, I’m leaving leaving. I might not be able to see you again...” She’s joking right... No, she was crying, for real this time.

“You... You can’t leave...” Tears began to blind my vision. We were just laughing and smiling a minute ago, now both of us had tears running down our faces.

“Carrot Top, I want you to make a promise with me.” A forced smile formed on her face. “We have to promise to never forget each other and you see this hole,” She pointed to the hole in the tree, “we can leave notes for each other in there and no one else will find them.”
“But if you’re leaving how will...”

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, Carrot Top, just promise.” Our voices synced together as we spoke two words...

“I promise”
That wasn't a dream, that was a memory that has been hiding. Why does it show itself now though...

SLAM. “It’s time to go, Ichigo.” How long has Rukia been in my closet?... I'll worry about that later.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bob is back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

No sign of anything, but the regular hollows. How long have we been out here? "Hey Toshirio! How much longer till I can go home, I've got school tomorrow!"

"Hitsugaya. Call me Hitsugaya."

"Whatever, just tell me." He sighed

"Well since there's no sign of..." They all felt it too. It's strange, as if the wind blew air at me. This is... It's reiatsu?... "Let's go." It didn't take long to find the source, especially when some hollows were surrounding it. A figure cloaked in random color held a black sword, poised to strike the hollows.

“Ha! The morsel thinks it can fight!” The other hollows began to laugh too.

“Should we help?” Renji began to reach for his zanpakuto.

“No, let’s see how this goes.” Black fog began to seep from the figure’s blade and started covering the hollows. They tried to shake off the fog.

“The hell!?” Soon they began to scream as the fog completely covered them. Then the screaming stopped and the fog lifted. Both the hollows and the figure were gone.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bob reappears~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“A rogue shinigami?” Ideas were being thrown around about what the figure was and a rogue shinigami was the most likely.

“Not much else it could be.” For some reason they all decided to hang out in my room and discuss this. Soon their voices faded though and darkness enveloped me as I fell asleep.
Finally! Part two! Thanks to everyone who favorited the first part and were patient with my writers block. I still have writers block, but was somehow able to finish this. No idea how many parts there are, but we'll figure that out later. There are a few choice words, but nothing you haven't read or heard before... Right?... Also this thing was a pain in the *** to upload.

First part:…
Part Three:…
Part Four:…

Story belongs to :iconflame-sparkey:
Bleach belongs Tite Kubo
You belong to Mother Russia
Artwork isn't mine
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Thanks! It's awesome to see that people like my story. I'll update as soon as I get the next chapter done.
lizzycosplay Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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